Izzy Walking

Having a dog is “izzyer” with izzy

Izzy to train

Izzy to walk

Izzy to take care

Izzy to board



My name is Izzy… dog trainer & dog walker.

I am first of all a dog owner like you. Goldy, my dog, is a female weimaraner and I couldn’t imagine my family without her. Yes she is a member of the family and she needs/deserves love, care and respect like we all do.

What you give to your dog he is going to give you back 200% and even more!


Full Pet Services

Izzy is here to help you offering a full service:

Starting with your puppy training.

Then weekly walks to socialise your dog with dogs of other breeds and ages.

A day care service for your dog not to be alone.

A boarding service for when you go on holiday.

Organic Homemade Treats

Izzy used to be a chef and now uses her culinary talents to create organic healthy homemade treats for pets. No additives, no preservatives real food for dogs and completely edible for humans too!