Izzy Walking… Positive Dog Training

Having a dog is “izzyer” with izzy

Izzy to train

Izzy to take care

Izzy to board


My name is Izzy… dog trainer & dog walker.

I am first of all a dog owner like you. Goldy, my dog, is a female weimaraner and I couldn’t imagine my family without her. Yes she is a member of the family and she needs/deserves love, care and respect like we all do.

What you give to your dog he is going to give you back 200% and even more!


Full Pet Services

Izzy is here to help you, offering a full service:

Puppy Training is the first essential step.

A Day care  service is available for your dog to socialise with other dogs of different breeds and ages.

A boarding service can be booked for when you go on holiday.

A ‘Therapy Training’ option provides you with a tailored solution for unwanted behaviour.


“Izzy delivered a tailored training programme for our Cockerpoo, Mazzy.  The training has been exceptional in every way from the behavioural change we have witnessed with Mazzy and also the joy he has every time Izzy comes to the door. “